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Home News What is organic fertilizer and what does it do?

What is organic fertilizer and what does it do?

What is organic fertilizer? Environmentally friendly organic fertilizers feed soil micro-organisms, which are very beneficial for plants, while also improving soil structure.

Under normal conditions, the nutrients that plants need are found in the soil. Although the plant can directly access some of these nutrients; it cannot reach the other part in its unbroken form.

In organic fertilizers, living organisms in solid or liquid form break down these elements that the plant needs and remain unbroken in the soil, releasing them and combining them with the plant.

What does organic fertilizer do?
organic fertilizers; It is an important source of plant nutrients and a soil conditioner in agriculture.

These environmentally friendly fertilizers feed soil micro-organisms, which support plant root development and improve soil structure.

Organic fertilizers that increase the soil's ability to retain water and nutrients, improve the soil and reduce soil loss due to rain and wind.

Even after plants receive the nutrients they need, organic fertilizers continue to improve the soil. With the increase in the period of use of organic fertilizers; along with improving soil composition and texture; Plants grown in this soil are stronger and healthier.

Organic fertilizers are friendly to nature as they are made from natural materials such as plant and animal waste.